"In the act of holding close all that we are, we find an unparalleled strength, a confidence that blooms from the very essence of our being."


A boudoir experience with me is...

more than a photoshoot; it's a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. At the heart of my service is a commitment to body neutrality, celebrating the philosophy that everyone is art just as they are. This approach allows for a deeply personal and empowering experience, emphasizing that our worth transcends societal standards. My mission is to offer a luxurious, tailored experience that champions self-love and personal empowerment in a safe and celebratory environment.

By choosing my boudoir photography service, you're choosing to celebrate yourself as the unique piece of art you are. This experience is designed to empower you to explore and express your sensuality, confidence, and vulnerability in a way that feels true to you. Each session is crafted to highlight your personal empowerment journey, moving beyond conventional societal standards to a place of self-acceptance, body neutrality, and love.

This is an invitation to view yourself through a new, accepting lens, recognizing the worth in the diversity of human forms. My commitment is to create a luxurious and empowering experience that leaves you feeling confident, celebrated, and deeply seen. It's more than capturing images; it's an act of self-love and a celebration of your personal journey. Let's honor the masterpiece that is you, together.

"Feel like the work of art you are, connect with your light within"

YOU are art

The Studio

Our luxury boudoir studio is located in Joplin, MO. She gives off romantic, timeless energy, decorated in dark academia furniture and decor to give that intimate and luxurious feel to your experience. Our client wardrobe consists of 300+ pieces 6x-xs including bondage pieces, robes, lingerie, and Pearl accessories for all genders! We are regularly building customized sets, have a vision? Don’t be afraid to share. We’d love to help your vision come to life!

About Us

I am Stormy-Raye, a non-binary, photographer in Joplin, MO. Armed with my camera and a powerful backstory of overcoming adversity through creativity and self-expression. I'm not just a photographer; I'm a facilitator of transformation and healing, who deeply understands the emotional resonance of being truly seen. Alongside my team, we serve the Joplin community and beyond through the art of luxury boudoir photography and elopement photography.

Ezra Campbell is my assistant photographer, he is incredibly talents photographer and videographer. His current focus is capturing behind the scenes and assisting in shoots.

Healing is an art and there's an art to healing. - Rita Thapa