Stormy-Raye || they/them

Owner, Photographer, and Model

More about the human behind the lens:

A little about me:

I am a moody light, soft grain, light refraction enthusiast. I am a huge fan of blurry pictures and making humans feel embodied and empowered. I'm non-binary artist and my pronouns are they/them. I am a parent of two wonderful humans and a first generation business owner.

I was born in Hobbs, NM. I have the current opportunity of living in Joplin, MO and serving as a parent of two amazing children with a passionate professional goal: to create and empower. Personally art allowed me to transcend the bounds of shame, trauma, and fear through the power of creating. Photography gave me a wonderful way of celebrating and connecting with myself after years of living without confidence because of my past experiences. That's why I invite people to be photographed by me, it's an honor to provide a safe space for you to do the same!

My photography journey started out capturing my own fleeting moments with my children, my personal growth and healing, and sharing creative time with anyone who would let me. Art curates a space unique in nature, one that allows for meeting with oneself and others to create something magical. I desired to give space to that. Armed with my camera and a powerful backstory of overcoming adversity through creativity and self-expression. I'm not just a photographer; I am a facilitator of transformation and healing, I deeply understand the emotional resonance and impact of being truly seen and celebrated.

Embarking on my journey as a self-taught photographer back in 2016, I could scarcely imagine the path that lay ahead. With a deep dive into both education and the vibrant community surrounding photography, I've been fortunate enough to grow and evolve in ways I never anticipated. Today, it brings me immense joy to serve our amazing guests every day, sharing the wealth of knowledge we've accumulated and continue to expand upon. Whether you're eager to book a session with us or you're on your own creative journey seeking growth, I'm here and would be delighted to connect and talk about how we can work together. Let’s start your journey to seeing yourself as the true work of art you are, book your consultation here!

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